Case Studies

COVID Recovery Case Study

91-year-old male (R.Z.) admitted to Canterbury Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center after a 3 day stay at Hunter Homes McGuire Hospital S/P fall and UTI. History of COPD, CHF & Bladder/Lung Cancer. Unfortunately, several days into his stay he was found to be weak, hypoxic and Covid-19 positive.

Nursing Interventions

Monitor Vitals – Monitoring of Hemodynamics & Encouraged Hydration
Medication Management – Dexamethazone, Vitamin C and Zithromax
Treat Infection – IV Antibiotic Therapy for UTI – 2 gram Ceftriaxone
DVT Prophylaxis – Eliquis
Monitor Fluid Balance – Lasix 40 mg daily

Respiratory Interventions

Maintain Adequate Oxygenation – admitted on home treatment regimen of Oxygen at 3 lpm, Increasing to 10 lpm via Oxymizer throughout his stay.
• Bronchodilitation- Incruse Ellipta, Wixela and Guaifenesin
• Aspiration Precautions
• Bronchodilitation
• Deep Breathing and Cough- Incentive Spirometry

Full Time Respiratory Therapy oversight assisted with treatment in place and close clinical team collaboration.

Patient is recovering safely avoiding any unplanned hospitalizations and has returned to his chronic oxygen therapy regimen of 3 lpm. The patient continues to be provided care at Canterbury that is #NextToHome and to work toward his final discharge goal as the team works to #CareSafely and guide his stay.

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